Gemini Capital Management strives to take what is old and discarded and bring it back to life. We see the beauty and potential in spaces that others have long forgotten about. Our goal is to rehabilitate, restore and preserve historic commercial buildings and revive neglected residential homes so that they can be enjoyed by the Community for many years to come.

Single Family Renovation Projects

Maple Street - Midland
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Farm House - Merrill
This 2-bedroom & 1-bathroom 1,100 square foot ranch home had seen better days. Gemini Capital purchased the distressed home before it fell too far into disrepair. We installed new flooring through... read more >
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Bennett Street - Mt.Pleasant
This 2-bedroom and 1-bathroom 1,000 square foot ranch was a foreclosure and in dire need of repair. We gutted this home down to the studs and completely remodeled the entire home. The home received al... read more >
Birch Street - Breckenridge
This 3-bedroom and 1-bathroom 1,000 square foot ranch home had not been lived in for more than 10 years.  Gemini Capital purchased the distressed home with hopes of restoring it before it became ... read more >

Mixed-Use Renovation Projects

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111 West Superior - Alma
This was our second historic renovation project in Alma Michigan. This was a mixed-use redevelopment in that we remodeled both the lower and upper levels of this 1890s historic building. We updated th... read more >
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210 East Superior - Alma
This two-story brick building was constructed in the early 1890’s and has been an integral part of downtown Alma’s history over the years.  The building is roughly 7,300 square feet a... read more >

Missing Middle Development Projects

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319 East Downie - Alma
This ground up development is a game changer for the local community. The project consists of a 3.15 acre full city block in Alma Michigan. The proposed development will be “missing middle&rdquo... read more >