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Mid-Michigan Property Management

Ryan was 23-years old, fresh out of tiny Alma College when he started his life’s mission with a single foreclosed property on Chestnut Street in Breckenridge, Michigan.

While everyone else could only see an eyesore, Ryan thought he saw something else.

Lacking funds but, armed with plenty of Michigan grit and elbow grease, Ryan transformed that once neglected property into one of the most visually appealing properties anywhere in the neighborhood. You might say he saw the diamond in a pile of rocks, but he knew it was up to him to do the heavy lifting to turn that gem into a new reality.

It is from those humble Midwest beginnings that Gemini Capital Management was born.

Mid-Michigan Property Management

To those who know him, it is hardly surprising considering that Ryan has always been one who prefers actions over words. As he explains it, “When you’re from a small town like I am, your word is your bond. There is a high degree of probability that people who pass you on the street are folks you and your family have known for years which is why building a solid reputation matters so much in our Community”.

Since 2012, Gemini Capital Management has provided the Mid-Michigan area with a variety of property management and leasing options for our tenants including: commercial, industrial, retail, warehouse, and residential spaces. If you are in the Mid-Michigan area, we would love to welcome you or your business as a tenant in one of our properties.

At Gemini Capital, we pride ourselves on a


mentality, ensuring that every one of our tenants has an exceptional experience and is treated like family.

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